hand made silver jewelry butterfly necklace

Butterfly Silver Jewelry

Butterfly Silver Jewelry

Here is a wonderful gift idea for a special woman in your life, perhaps for a Christmas gift, an anniversary present, her birthday or just because. Handcrafted butterfly silver jewelry is a unique gift any young girl or woman will love.

This Butterfly jewelry pendant is beautifully handmade from purple polymer clay, set into 925 sterling silver.

The pendant is on a high quality sterling silver Italian made chain.

The product description notes that chain type may vary from the one displayed.

Like all of the handmade polymer clay jewelry sold at Amazon this piece is presented in a beautifully colorful jewelry gift box.

Millefiori is the Italian word meaning ‘1000 Flowers’, and is the unique technique used to handcraft the traditional and colorful millefiori jewelry collection.

Millefiori is an old technique adapted to manually mold polymer clay into various designs. It is a process that requires approximately a week.

Each jewelry item is then finished with a coating of transparent enamel lending it a glimmer and ensuring durability.

The butterfly is a talisman that is traditionally considered a good luck charm to its bearer.

This butterfly design is available in a beautiful array of polymer clay finishes: millefiori (multi-colored flowers), turquoise, red, purple or blue.


Multi Colored Butterfly Variation

butterfly silver jewelry multi colors

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This piece with many colors can mix and match with your whole wardrobe!



Two Tone Butterfly Pendant With Diamonds

This glittering dressy version gets 4.5 Stars from happy customers.

butterfly silver and gold

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Amazon’s staff graduate gemologist hand selects and inspects the diamonds gemstones and precious metals, to qualify those elements for the jewelry and ensure it meets Amazon’s high standards.

All diamonds featured in the Amazon Curated Collection are certified by our suppliers to be conflict free, i.e., no “blood diamonds”.