Vivora Luno – Self-Standing Sitting Ball Chair for Home, Office, Yoga, Exercise, Stability, Fitness, and Birthing ball, With Pump and Handle, Base Ring Not Needed

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Introducing the Vivora Luno: a multipurpose, aesthetically gorgeous, ergonomically designed active sitting ball. Luno is the elegant and practical answer to the modern seating dilemma. Sitting on Luno activates and trains the user’s legs and core to support the back, which conditions the body to support itself and helps prevent injuries. Thanks to its modern and elegant appearance, Luno activates your life in the office or at home by easily substituting as an office chair, ottoman, or piece of household furniture while conveniently doubling for use during fitness activities and yoga. Contents include one ball, one cover, one pump, two stoppers, and one manual. Note: Please keep pump to adjust inflation.

Here is a syndicated article by George A. Wallace

Fast and Easy Workouts With an Exercise Ball

“Have you ever wondered what those big colorful balls are doing at almost every gym you have been to? They might seem out of place and it may appear to you that they can be a great plaything for kids. So, you may be surprised when you come to know that these balls are actually exercise equipment! In fact they are one of the best tools to strengthen your abdomen and core.

In case you still doubt the idea that sitting, rolling or bouncing on a big ball can actually make you fitter, you may consider the following facts.

These balls started to be used in fitness training as early as 1960. They are also known as stability balls, fitness balls, Swiss balls, physio balls etc. The early usage was, however, restricted to rehab programs. Physiotherapists would use these balls to help their patients recover from surgery.

The modern day craze around the exercise ball stems from the fact that this is a very simple piece of equipment that offers a total body workout and also improves your body balance at the same time! So whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro you can look to benefit by working out with an exercise ball.

But what is it that makes an exercise ball so unique and effective? Well, these might be some possible reasons.
The ball functions by working several muscles at a time while your body strives to balance itself. This combination creates a really challenging workout.

Additional muscles are forced into action as a result of combining strength and balance exercises. This also means that you are getting more from your regular workout without having to increase the duration by even a minute. For, example you might be doing muscle extensions while lying on a bench for ten minutes everyday. When you do the same exercise while lying on an exercise ball, more muscles are called into action to maintain stability. Thus, you get a really tough workout within ten minutes!

The exercise ball also helps in strengthening your lower body, which might be something that most other strength training methods neglect. They are focused mainly on sculpting your upper body i.e. the arms and chest. But the fact is that it is the lower body-strength that is essential for being able to do most day to day activities.

In the process of core strengthening, the exercise ball can also improve your posture and balance. And it might even help you get the 6 pack abs that you always dream of possessing!

Before you start training with an exercise ball you should choose one of suitable firmness and size. Remember that a hard ball is difficult to work with and as a beginner you might be better off with a softer one that can depress easily enough to hold your body weight.

Your height and build should help you decide the size of the ball. The ball must provide your body ample elevation, but you should be able touch the floor with your limbs in order to maintain balance and control.
For best results with an exercise ball consult a fitness trainer. He or she may help you ‘get the ball rolling’ in the right direction!

The author is an East Bay personal trainer with a successful program that gets clients fast and lasting results.

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